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Posted on: 01 November 2016

Realising the Value of Fleet Telematics

Fleet Telematics

Modern vehicle telematics technology offers unprecedented visibility into all kinds of important fleet metrics – providing data-driven insights to help make smarter fleet decisions. Here, we explore 5 ways telematics technology can help you uncover new business value in Global Fleet Management.

Letting data show the way for your fleet

What if you knew where your all vehicles were, how they were being driven, and what maintenance they might need – at all times? For a long time, this has been the promise of vehicle telematics. And now, the technology is really starting to deliver.

Telematics technology offers businesses new visibility into their fleet’s operations, making it an increasingly essential tool within the discipline of global fleet management. By providing data on everything from vehicle location to driver behaviour, it gives businesses the power to boost both productivity and efficiency.

Smarter journey planning

Telematics offers a full picture of your fleet operations, often in near-real time. This means  the chance to not only plan more efficient routes, but to make more productive use of your vehicles, helping ensure managers know which are ready – and best positioned – to take on each new job.

More economical driving

Telematics can also provide fresh insights into how your vehicles are being driven –shining a light on fuel-guzzling driving practices such as idling, and aggressive breaking and acceleration.

Your business can then use this information as the basis of targeted training programmes, encouraging more eco-friendly driving and lower fuel costs.

Fewer thefts

Many companies are also using telematics to minimise the incidence – and cost – of vehicle theft.

Fit your vehicles with telematics solutions that include ‘geo-fencing’ capabilities, and they’ll automatically alert managers if they move beyond pre-defined geographical boundaries – warning you of possible theft while it’s taking place, and helping you reduce both the likelihood of loss, and the cost of recovery.

Telematics provide data-driven insights to help make smarter fleet decisions

Lower maintenance bills

Addressing vehicle wear, tear and faults before they become major issues can help you keep maintenance costs low, and vehicles on the road.

With proactive vehicle diagnostics, telematics offers businesses the data to do just that –cutting maintenance bills and boosting productivity.

Getting drivers on board

Telematics isn’t about keeping tabs on your drivers – it’s about giving them the information they need to improve their own driving skills, and save money every time they drive, whether it’s for your business or not.

The most successful companies make this clear from the start of their telematics implementation, effectively enlisting drivers in the pull towards becoming a more efficient, greener business.

Real world results

In a recent pilot project, we confirmed telematics’ power to enhance driver safety, as well as risk and cost management.

Through the use of telematics technology, the subject company was able to reduce accident claim frequency for a fleet of 16,000 cars (including 12,800 large commercial vehicles) by almost one third. Moreover, it improved its recovery rate for stolen vehicles from 14% to 86%.

The implementation of telematics is just one way Global Fleet Management can deliver significant value for your business. We’ve identified at least seven more. Take a look back at our previous posts to explore one to six – and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss the final instalment!

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