Wouter Lips

Consultant at LeasePlan Netherlands

After his study of Business Economics, Wouter started his fleet management career as a trainee and is today a fleet management consultant in the Netherlands, providing many companies with tailored and pragmatic recommendations optimising their fleet. Wouter also has experience in commercial roles and business development. Wouter's expertise is in car- and mobility policy creation, LCVs, fuel management, cost savings analysis and sustainable process improvements. Wouter regularly publishes advisory documents for fleets.


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    There’s no denying that CO2 emissions have a negative influence on the Earth’s climate. In this context, various initiatives have been launched to reduce emissions; on a global level the Paris Climate Agreement was reached in December 2015, and in Europe there are ambitious targets aimed at achieving an 80% reduction by 2050 (compared to 1990).

    Consultant at LeasePlan Netherlands