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Posted on: 12 September 2017

LeasePlan Benchmarks the Pharma Industry

Following previous benchmarks for the Technology, Consumer Goods, and Services Industry, we are pleased to share with you LeasePlan’s latest benchmark on the Pharma Industry.

Companies in the Pharma Industry are, amongst others, involved in clinical research, life sciences, and the production of medicine and equipment for the healthcare industry.

Our industry benchmarks are conducted on a regular basis. By collecting information from our local entities, we are able to create a clear picture of policy topics such as average term and mileage, fleet composition, and CO2 thresholds.
Benchmarking can help organisations evaluate various aspects of their company car policy and fleet processes in comparison to industry peers. This allows organisations to develop improvement plans or adapt specific best practices, usually with the aim of increasing the performance of the business. The below infographic shows the consolidated results of the countries in scope.

Scroll to the bottom of the post to download the full report.



Benchmark Report - Pharma Industry

With benchmarking, organisations evaluate various aspects of their company car policy and fleet processes in comparison to industry peers.

Download this benchmark of the Pharma Industry and read about policy trends and developments within this sector.

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Global Fleet Expert

Sjoerd Brenters has worked for LeasePlan for more than five years, recently joining LeasePlan International as a consultant providing insights and advice to LeasePlan’s global clients.
He has worked on a number of client projects on topics including car policy advice, benchmarking, cost savings and CO2 related studies.

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