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Welcome to Global Fleet Insights; a blog developed and managed by LeasePlan International. Our blog, which focuses on all aspects of international fleet management, is designed to be a platform for the sharing of developments as well as best practices in international fleet management.

May 02

New legislation: how it will influence fleet policy


Following a number of game-changing occurrences in 2015, including over-exceeding the Kyoto target, the Paris Climate Summit, ‘Diesel Gate’ and falling oil prices, it was to be expected that governments would be looking at legislative changes that will also impact car use. So far, most measures that governments have taken are related to the purchase of low-emission vehicles, excise duty on fuel prices and taxation of private usage of company cars. But, numerous cities – like Oslo*  – are now also reviewing the possibilities of banning vehicles (or certain ones at least) from their city centers.

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Apr 25

Autonomous driving and fleet

LeasEPlan Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving technologies are developing fast. But, despite the buzz around the potential impact of self-driving options, aspects such as timing, uptake and penetration remain hard to predict. The new technologies that make autonomous driving possible also bring with them possibilities for completely new mobility models and services. In addition, developments based on networks, sensors, mobile communication, real-time information, and new levels of connectivity are changing our view on mobility. It is expected that autonomous vehicles (AVs) will open up the way for on-demand driving solutions: a car when and where it is needed. But, the big question that is begging for an answer is how and in what measure these disruptive technologies could impact fleet.

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Apr 07

Total Cost of Ownership – Which European country is the most expensive?

Carcost Title5i

If you suspect that car costs are higher in certain European countries than in others, you’re right. But, in what measure do they differ? And how do cost variations in different countries weigh up to each other? Now, a study by LeasePlan of car costs in 11 European countries reveals that the cost of driving a car can vary as much as € 350 from one country to the next, with the Netherlands topping the list as most expensive country.

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Mar 07

Highlights from the Geneva Motor Show 2016

Posted by Helen Cooper in Insight
Geneva Motor Show

Each year at the beginning of March the hearts of automotive fans around the globe start beating faster. It’s the time when a beautiful city located in the south-west end of Switzerland transforms into one of the busiest places in Europe, hosting all the major vehicle manufacturers and automotive designers. It is when the Geneva Motor Show takes  place hosting some 200 exhibitors from 30 countries. Up to 700,000 visitors are expected to attend the show over eleven days and to visit over 77,000 square meters of Palexpo exhibition space, where over 120 World and European premiers are presented. This year again LeasePlan was there to report on the 86th edition of one of the most important international auto shows.

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Feb 24

6 Things You Need To Know About The New Lease Accounting Standards


The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), responsible for issuing International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), has recently launched a new standard for lease accounting. This new standard will also change how accounting for international fleets carried out. Although it will take until 1 January 2019 for these rules to become effective, some companies will already need to adjust their reporting (for operational leases) by the end of 2017! Here are 6 questions about the new lease accounting standards that are relevant for all international fleet managers:

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Feb 11

3 ways to cut costs on your Light Commercial Vehicle Fleet

commercial vehicle fleet

Keeping your commercial vehicle fleet up and running is one of your major spends – probably only just behind salaries and premises. So, of course, the spotlight is permanently on LCV fleet costs. Vehicle purchase price and estimated maintenance costs are usually the decision drivers. However, at LeasePlan we recently found that companies might be missing out on some significant cost saving opportunities by focusing primarily on such costs.

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Jan 06

Preparing for successful implementation of your fleet safety programme in 3 steps


The safety of your employees while on the road is top of mind if you have responsibility over your companies fleet. But, you know that simply asking people to pay attention and drive carefully isn’t enough. Lasting change – and safety – calls for a safety programme that is supported by your Fleet Manager, your HR Manager as well as your Corporate Responsibility Department. If you’re struggling getting everybody on board, you might want to take a look at these 3 proven steps for successful implementation of a fleet safety programme.

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Dec 18

How the Paris Climate Deal is set to impact your fleet

Paris Climate Convention

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Paris this month, saw 195 countries come together to discuss one of the most pressing global issues of this time: how to curb climate change. On 12 December 2015, the talks resulted in a landmark agreement which is a clear signal to both governments and industries that the transformation of our global economy from one fuelled by fossil energy, to one fuelled by sustainable economic growth, is inevitable.

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