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Welcome to Global Fleet Insights; a blog developed and managed by LeasePlan International. Our blog, which focuses on all aspects of international fleet management, is designed to be a platform for the sharing of developments as well as best practices in international fleet management.

Sep 20

Meeting CSR Objectives with Fleet Management

fleet sustainability

Organisations across the globe are under pressure to demonstrate a responsible, sustainable approach to fleet management. But taking control of emissions is easier said than done if you don’t have the right tools in place. In the latest in our series of posts on the 8 sources of Global Fleet Management we look at how to keep emissions – and costs – under control.

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Jul 19

How Bigger Fleet Buyers get Better Value


When you buy in bulk, you expect to get more attractive terms. So how can Global Fleet Managers take advantage of greater spending power without ramping up the size of their fleet? In the latest post we re-continue our series on the 8 Sources of Global Fleet Management value and we look at how to improve your purchasing power – without breaking your budget.

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Jun 27

5 global trends set to impact your fleet insurance

Insurance_500px_gif kw

With insurance being the third biggest component of a fleet’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), any changes in this area will have a substantial impact on your total fleet spend. And many changes are afoot! Disruptive trends such as digitalisation, the internet-of-things and disintermediation of brokers, to name a few. Surprisingly, so far little has been written about fleet insurance to date. Although some universal parallels exist with the larger insurance landscape, there are some very specific trends that are reshaping this industry.

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May 31

LeasePlan Benchmarks the Consumer Goods Industry

LeasePlan Consumer Goods benchmark topline results

Following last year’s Technology Industry Benchmark we are pleased to share with you LeasePlan’s latest benchmark on the Consumer Goods industry. With benchmarking, organisations evaluate various aspects of their company car policy and fleet processes in comparison to industry peers. This allows organizations to develop improvement plans or adapt specific best practices, usually with the aim of increasing the performance of the business. Benchmarking may be a one-off event, but is often treated as a continuous process in which organizations continually seek to improve their practices. Companies in the Consumer Goods Industry are active in daily life products, such as health care products, cosmetics and food.This industry benchmark is based on client research, LeasePlan’s fleet data and our own expertise. This infographic shows the consolidated results over the countries in scope.

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May 02

New legislation: how it will influence fleet policy


Following a number of game-changing occurrences in 2015, including over-exceeding the Kyoto target, the Paris Climate Summit, ‘Diesel Gate’ and falling oil prices, it was to be expected that governments would be looking at legislative changes that will also impact car use. So far, most measures that governments have taken are related to the purchase of low-emission vehicles, excise duty on fuel prices and taxation of private usage of company cars. But, numerous cities – like Oslo*  – are now also reviewing the possibilities of banning vehicles (or certain ones at least) from their city centers.

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Apr 25

Autonomous driving and fleet

LeasEPlan Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving technologies are developing fast. But, despite the buzz around the potential impact of self-driving options, aspects such as timing, uptake and penetration remain hard to predict. The new technologies that make autonomous driving possible also bring with them possibilities for completely new mobility models and services. In addition, developments based on networks, sensors, mobile communication, real-time information, and new levels of connectivity are changing our view on mobility. It is expected that autonomous vehicles (AVs) will open up the way for on-demand driving solutions: a car when and where it is needed. But, the big question that is begging for an answer is how and in what measure these disruptive technologies could impact fleet.

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Apr 07

Total Cost of Ownership – Which European country is the most expensive?

Carcost Title5i

If you suspect that car costs are higher in certain European countries than in others, you’re right. But, in what measure do they differ? And how do cost variations in different countries weigh up to each other? Now, a study by LeasePlan of car costs in 11 European countries reveals that the cost of driving a car can vary as much as € 350 from one country to the next, with the Netherlands topping the list as most expensive country.

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